What LRG Skates on:

Need advice on what skates and pads to buy? Upgraded your skates/pads/wheels and want to sell the old ones? Want to let the new girls know they can borrow your sweaty old kneepads? This is the place.

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Olivia Coupe
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What LRG Skates on:

Post by Olivia Coupe »

Hi guys this is a thread to post what gear you skate with.

It'd be nice to keep this as focused as possible so please direct questions regarding gear to other threads or email the person directly. If possible use the template below (unless you have a better one :) ).

Liv or Die

Skate - Size 6 Reidell 595 boot
Plate - Roll Line Variant M
Knee Pads - Rector Fat Boy Med
Knee Gaskets - Gladiator med
Elbow pads - 187 med
Wristguards - SFR Med
Helmet - Nutcase Sml/med
Main Wheels: Atom Poisons, Grods, Lowboys (all slim)
Other wheels: Suregrip Outdoor, Heartless Green and Purple
Bearings - Bones Reds, Qube standard, Abec 9s
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Henry the Sk8th
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Henry the Sk8th »

Henry the Sk8th

Skate- 595 size UK 10, 125 size UK 10
Plate- Powerdyne Reactors, Powerdyne Nylons
Knee Pads- 187 L/XL, Pro-Tec Drop ins L/XL, MBS Pro L
Elbow Pads- Smith Scabs M, TSG Force II's M, MBS Pro L
Wristguards - Triple 8 Hired Hands L, TSG pro L, Hillbilly's gloves L, MBS Pro L
Helmets- Capix Opener L/XL x3, O'neal L/XL
Crash Shorts- McDavid L
Impact Shirt- SixSixOne L/S M
Shin Guards-Pro-Tec L/XL
Elbow Gaskets- Pro-Tec L/XL
Knee Gaskets- Pro-Tec L/XL
Main Wheels- Fugitive Mids yellow 93A, Radar Revolvers red 93A, Sugars orange 88A
Other Wheels- Fugitive Mids blues 90A, Radar Evo black/red
Bearings- Bones Reds, Enuff ABEC 7 waterproof, Enuff Swiss, KWIK ABEC 9
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May B Twisted
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by May B Twisted »

May B. Twisted:

Skate - Vanilla Brassknuckles sz 5
Plate - Sure grip DA 45
Knee Pads- TSG Force III sz L
Elbow Pads- TSG Sz S
Wristguards - Triple 8 Wristsaver sz S
Helmets- Triple 8 sz S(good for small heads)
Knee Gaskets- Anarchy sz L
Wheels - Atom Juke Slims or Heartless Breakers (Red) (for grippy floors), Heartless Voodoo & Stalker (Maroon & Black) for slippy floors, Sugars for ridiculous ice surfaces.
Bearings - Bones reds / Qube
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Metallikat »


Skate - Size 5.5 Reidell 1065 boot
Plate - Roll-Line Mistral with Grey/turquoise cushions, natural rubber toestop
Knee Pads - TSG Force
Elbow pads - 187 med
Wristguards - Dakine snowboard wristguards, small
Helmet - Nutcase large
Main Wheels: Atom Poisons, Atom Jukes (93A)
Other wheels: Sure-Grip Fugitives (green), Atom Strokers, Hyper Shamans (green)
Bearings - Bones Reds
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Duncan Disorderly
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Duncan Disorderly »

Duncan Disorderly

Skate - Size 9 Riedell 965 boot
Plate - Powerdyne Dynapro aluminium plate
Toestops - Gumball (standard stem)
Knee Pads - 187s (large)
Elbow pads - Pro-Designed (bespoke) or Anarchy (medium)
Wristguards - SFR wristguards (medium)
Helmet - TSG Kraken (M/L)
Main Wheels: Atom D-Rods (regular width), Atom G-Rods (regular width), Sure-Grip Sugars
Other wheels: Radar Energy outdoor wheels
Bearings - Bones Reds
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Fox Sake
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Fox Sake »

Great idea!

Fox Sake

Skate: Size 6 narrow Riedell 265 boot
Plate: Roll-Line Variant 140mm, brown/natural rubber cushions, Roll-Line white giant toestops
Knee pads: 187 medium
Elbow pads: 187 small
Wristguards: SFR small
Helmet: Triple 8 Brainsaver (S/M I think)
Main Wheels: Radar Mojo (88a narrow, alu hub)
Other wheels: Atom Lowboy (95a narrow), Backspin Trackstar (88a wide), Backspin Revenge (90/95a narrow), Sure-Grip Sugar (78a wide) for outdoor
Bearings: Qube 8-Ball (7mm)
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by GrievousBodilyCharm »

Grievous Bodily Charm

Skate: 595 Narrow size 7s
Plate: Sure Grip Probes with purple Super Cushions by Sure grip
Toestops: Gumballs (standard stem)
Knee pads: 187 small
Gaskets: Either TSGs S/M or Smith Scabs M
Elbow pads: 187 small
Wristguards: Triple 8 wristsave
Bumpads: Short Mc Davids
Helmet: Triple 8 Brainsaver (Small) with sweatsaver liner
Main Wheels: Atom stingers (narrow 88A)
Other wheels: Atom Lowboy (95a narrow), Atom G-rods (narrow 93A), Atom Poison (narrow 85A)
Bearings: Bones Super Reds
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Vigour Mortis
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Vigour Mortis »

Vigour Mortis

Skate: 265's US size 8
Plate: Snyder 'Advantage'
Toe guards: custom from Derbyvixen on Etsy (she can make anything you want on a toeguard)
Toestops: Gumballs (standard stem)
Knee pads: Smith Scabs L/XL
Gaskets: Smith Scabs L
Elbow pads: TSG girly ones in L - too big!
Wristguards: Pro-Designed M <3
Helmet: Custom sparkly one and a Capix Opener L
Main Wheels: Fugitive 'Mids' in Yellow narrow
Other wheels: Sure Grip sugars, krypto cruise for outside and a set of standard width fugis
Bearings: Bones Swiss ceramics 7mm

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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Nuke-Leah »


Skate: Riedell 125s size 7 narrow
Plate: Rolline Variant M 150mm
Knee pads: Smith Scabs L/XL
Gaskets: Smith Scabs L
Elbow pads: 187s size m I think
Wristguards: Pro-Designed M/L
Helmet: Triple 8 size L
Main Wheels: Jukes 88a/93a/95a depending on floor
Other wheels: Sugars for CoLA
Bearings: Bones red

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Missyle Elliott
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Missyle Elliott »

My kit is largely what I could scrape up for the least amount of money rather than anything I deliberated over, so not sure it's really interesting!

Skate - Size 6.5 Riedell Divine (265 in vegan Clarino)
Plate - Powerdyne Aluminium
Knee Pads - TSG Force III
Knee Gaskets - TSG
Elbow pads - uknown (unlabeled)
Wristguards - TSG somethingorother
Helmet - Nutcase
Main Wheels: Poison slims, Heartless (crimson, green, white, depending on floor)
Bearings - Bones Reds
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bette noir
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by bette noir »

Skate: Size 7 split last narrow heel Riedell 695 custom boot
Plate: Powerdyne Reactors
Toestops: suregrip midi and gumballs normal thread
Knee pads: Pro-designed XL
Elbow pads: Protech street M
Wristguards: Pro-designed M
Helmet: Protech Classic in L, Nutcase L
Main Wheels: in need of....
Other wheels: Green/Red Suregrip Fugitives (92-94A ish), Radar Flat Out (88a I think), Sure-Grip Sugar (78a wide), Radar Tuners black (?), Suregrip Aerobic outdoor wheels 75a ish
Bearings: Bones Red and Bones Ceramic Swiss
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by angri-la »


Skate - custom sized Bont Quad Racer Carbon, white with black trim, approx size 6/6.5 narrow
Plate - Roll-Line Mistrals, 150mm
Ankle braces - McDavid A101R laced
Knee Pads - Rector Fatboys, Medium
Knee Gaskets - Scabs, medium
Elbow Pads - Anarchy (Bulletproof?), Medium
Wristguards - no idea, will check later
Helmet - Triple 8 Brainsaver, matt black, S/M
Main Wheels - Sure-Grip Sugars blue 85A (for slippy floors), Atom Trackers purple 88A & Atom G-Rods pink 93A (for not-slippy floors), Krypto Route 65s red 78A (for outdoors)
Bearings - Bones Reds
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Slice Andice
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Slice Andice »

Slice Andice

Skate: size 3.5 custom split last (narrow heel/standard width) 265 Riedell boot with extra long velcro straps (for when I wear an ankle brace)
Plate: Powerdyne Reactors
Toestops: Carrera Toe-Stops
Knee pads: Rector Fatboys M
Gaskets: TSG in M/L
Elbow pads: Tripple 8's S
Wristguards: TSG Professional S
Crash pads: McDavid's (long and short pairs) M
Helmet: Nutcase S/M
Main Wheels: Heartless (various grippyness), Sugars (hybrid)
Other wheels: Lowboys (I have a whole box of assorted wheels)
Bearings: Qube, Bones Labrinths, Bones Swiss, Bones Reds (most of my wheel have bearings in them for quick changes)
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Wheelspin Shady
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Wheelspin Shady »

Skate - Riedell 125S, Size UK9
Plate - Powerdyne Nylon
Toestops: Riedell PD Rounds (standard stem)

Skate - Custom Antik AR1, bespoke US10.5 (wide)
Plate - Powerdyne Reactor
Toestops: Gumballs

Knee Pads - Smith Scabs Psycho (L/XL)
Knee Gaskets - Smith Scabs Horseshoe (Horseshit more like; had two pairs fall apart in the last two months)
Elbow pads - Smith Scabs Knight (S/M)
Wristguards - Triple 8 Hired Hands
Crash shorts - Olexo (made by Decathlon)
Ankle brace - Mueller Football Support
Helmet -
  • Practice: Triple 8 Brainsaver (single impact)
  • Bouting: TSG Superlight (Tanner Goldbeck)
Wheels -
  • Radar Zen (narrow) x 8 - 62mm | 85a (outdoor)
  • Sure-Grip Sugar x 8 - 62mm | 85a (hybrid)
  • Radar EVO x 8 - 62mm | 95a (fast)
  • Atom G-Rods x 4 - 62x44mm | 93a (main)
  • Atom D-Rods x 4 - 62x44mm | 95a (main)
  • Heartless Creeper x 8 - 62x36mm | 90a
Bearings - Abec 7s, 9s

More details / fluid list here: http://jimboeth.com/2010/09/roller-derb ... ment-list/
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Shaolynn Scarlett
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

Post by Shaolynn Scarlett »

Shaolynn Scarlett

Skate - Size 6 Sure Grip Rebel boot
Plate - Sure Grip Probe
Toestops - Gumball standard stem
Knee Pads - Smith Scabs L/XL
Knee Gaskets - TSG Large
Elbow pads - Triple 8 EP55 Small
Wristguards - SFR Small
Helmet - Triple 8 Brainsaver S/M
Main Wheels: Atom Lowboys (slim)
Other wheels: Atom Poisons (slim alloy core), Kryptonics Cruise red outdoor wheel (62mm w) [rubbish]
Bearings - Bones Reds, Enuff Waterproof Abec 5 (for outdoor)
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