UK online derby equipment suppliers

Need advice on what skates and pads to buy? Upgraded your skates/pads/wheels and want to sell the old ones? Want to let the new girls know they can borrow your sweaty old kneepads? This is the place.

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UK online derby equipment suppliers

Post by Missyle Elliott »

2018 mod update:

Double Threat Skates run by our very own Gaz and Kitty!

2010 post & thread:

For those of you looking for skates and kit, here are links to some online providers of skates and kit.

Everglides (Skates under 'quad skates', pads under 'protective equip' in the menu on left)
Amazing Skates
Billy's Skates

They each have slightly different items, so take a look at all three and see what they've got. John at Everglides is very helpful if you have any questions. I also think that you might be able to get a 10% discount at Everglides if you mention in your order that you are starting to skate with a derby league (not 100% sure about this, but worth a try).
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Re: UK online derby equipment suppliers

Post by Gemma »

John at Everglides has now started to sell Sure-Grip products, so you can get your Fugitives there too, and Rebel skates, which are a great starter skate :)

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Re: UK online derby equipment suppliers

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I started with the Triple 8 Intermediate starter pack from Kickflip Boards and can vouch for both the quality and Matt from Kickflip's excellent customer service.

Also have only nice things to say about Amazing Skates. The Enforcer, who runs A.S. is a gent, and the prices are competitive considering it's almost exclusively US grey imports on sale.

Aside: Kickflip's website seems to be FUBAR at the time of writing.

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Re: UK online derby equipment suppliers

Post by Metallikat » for all your Roll-Line toestop/bushings needs! (all 4 of us in the league, there..)
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Re: UK online derby equipment suppliers

Post by sean »

These guys look quite good:
Wreckless Skate Shop
Based in Ireland, but do international orders. Have a whole derby section including various options on 265 skate combos. I've just ordered some Scabs recaps from there for £16 including shipping, so the pricing is keen. They've got Gumball toestops coming soon for about £14...
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