Wheels - Specs & Such

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Wheels - Specs & Such

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We've got quite a few new girls with quite a few questions about wheels so I've done a bit of internet research and compiled some basic wheel information to use when trying to figure out what wheels you want to use.

First things first...
Wheel Durometer - simply put, the hardness of the wheel. Usually measured on an A-scale, but some wheels will have a D-scale as well (ie g-rods). 74a is very soft and 95a very hard. Soft equals grippy so the lower the number the grippier the wheel (in theory).

Standard size derby wheels are 62mm x 44m. Narrow wheels are 62mm x 38mm and theoretically offer a bit more maneuvrability.

Here is a list of Indoor wheels and their durometers

Sure Grip
Fugitives - Orange 88-90a / Grey 89a / Blue, Black, Pink, Red 92a / Green 97a
Interceptor - Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black 93a / Purple, Green 97a
Power Plus - Pink, Red, Black, Yellow 93a / Purple, Green 97a
Zoom & Twister - 96a

Mojo - 88a (aluminium hub)
Flat Out (Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Green) - 88a
Flat Outrageous (Pink, Blue, Green, Black) - 88a this is a narrower version of the flat-out
Tuner (Red, Ice Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow-Orange, Green) - 93a
Devil Ray Black - 93a
Speed Ray (Red, Yellow-Orange, Hot Pink, Ice Blue) - 93a
Devil Ray Orange - 95a
Speed Ray Green - 95a
Demon (Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Ice Blue, Yellow) - 95a
Evo (Red/Black, Pink/Black, Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Green) - 95a

Atom - Please note that slim versions are narrow wheels. Unless otherwise indicated the wheels below are standard derby width
D-Rods (black) - 95a
Dubz 2.0 (orange) - 97a - alloy hub
Dubz Slim (red hub) - 93a - alloy hub
Dubz/Dubz Slim (black) - 100a - alloy hub
Fusion (white w/red checked hub) - 97a
G-Rods - 93a
G-Rods 2.0 (pink) - 93a - these are narrow wheels
Jukes Slim (neon green) - 88a/93a/95a - these wheels are only 59mm tall
Jukes Alloy Slim (neon green) - 88a/93a/95a - these wheels are only 59mm tall and have an alloy hub
Lanzini Skins (green) - 95a
Lowboy/Lowboy Slim (blue w/red hub) - 95a
Omega/Omega 2.0 (green/purple) - 93a - these are narrow wheels
Queen B (blue) - 91a
Stinger/Stinger Slim (white) - 88a
Stroker/Stroker Slim (white w/all red hub) - 98.5a
Super Freak (yellow) - 95a -this is marketed as an affordable 95a for skaters on a tight budget
Tracker (orange) - 91a
Trak Attack - blue 93a/red95a/white97a - these are all short & slim but with a lip like wide wheels

Heartless Wheels - these are narrow wheels and the advice is to use them in combos a couple of durometers apart. Examples are: Purple/Green, Black/Red, White/Black, Green/Yellow
Voodoo (purple) - 86a
Stalker (black) - 88a
Creeper (green) - 90a
Chaser (yellow) - 92a
Breaker (red) - 94a
Vanish (white) - 96a

Outdoor Wheels are usually softer and designed for skating on asphalt, unpolished concrete, and skate parks. As they are softer, they will be grippier so if you want to really push yourself at practice you can wear outdoor wheels on a sport court and get a good workout. If you have worn your outdoor wheels outside, you should make sure they are clean before using them indoors as they might have pebbles and other stuff on them that is likely to scratch an indoor surface.

Unless otherwise noted these wheels are all 62mm, the same as our indoor wheels, but are usually slimmer at 38mm.

Atom Pulse - 78a

Sure Grip Motion - 78a (comes in 62mm & 65mm)

Sure Grip Aerobic - 85a

Radar Energy / Radar Fuel - 78a

Radar Pure - 78a (66mm)

Airwaves - 78a

Kryptonics Cruise 62 / Route 62 / True 65 - 78a

Kryptonics Cruise 65 - 80a

Kryptonics Lemon Twist - 78a Lemon scented

Kryptonics Orange Outrage - 78a Orange Scented

Bounce - 80a

Hypersonic - 85a

Hybrid Wheels - Suitable for indoor and outdoor skating surfaces... or for those that don't want to change wheels.

Atom Poison - 84a - regular and narrow widths available

Radar Shadow - 80a - cloudy blue

Radar Ghost- 80a - cloudy green and these are narrow wheels

Radar Phantom - 80a - cloudy red and these are 59mm x 43mm

Sure Grip Sugar - 85a (Exclusive to Sin City Skates)

Radar Zen - 85a

Atom Centauri - 88a
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Re: All About Wheels

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Oh and...

Remember that some of this will be down to preference, skating style, and skating surface and what works for one girl might not be the same for you.

For example - Orange Fugis are supposed to be grippier than the G-rods but I don't find that to be the case - I slip out less on the inside with my G-Rods than with the orange fugis. This might be to do with the inner hub which if I remember from the site is 70d or something. I haven't yet tried the trackers so they might be grippier.

I found the flat-outs, tuners, and speed rays to be okay, but the fugis seemed more sticky. That being said, I haven't tried any of those wheels in well over a year - since I've gotten used to skating more than recreationally.

If you aren't sure, you can always ask to borrow wheels off someone and try them out for a spell to see what you like.

I happen to like all g-rods or a g-rod/orange fugi combo right now - but I like the grippy especially at CoLA.

Kitty seems to be on a g-rod/answer combo at the moment

Fox swears by the D-rods
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