My poor knee! - knee-pad recommendations?

Need advice on what skates and pads to buy? Upgraded your skates/pads/wheels and want to sell the old ones? Want to let the new girls know they can borrow your sweaty old kneepads? This is the place.

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My poor knee! - knee-pad recommendations?

Post by CthuLou »

Hi Friends,

I keep taking a hard falls on my right knee, which causes my upper calf to seize-up after impact, and it has been suggested it it time to replace my knee pads.

What would you recommend? Looking for Knee pad and Knee pad-gasket combos that provide good support and protection. (Hoping not to break the bank). I'll need something that runs in larger sizes too.

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Re: My poor knee! - knee-pad recommendations?

Post by Humpme »

What size are you looking for? I have brand new deadbolt pads in large you can give a go. I've been wearing deadbolt for 3 years now and love them.
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