What LRG Skates on:

Need advice on what skates and pads to buy? Upgraded your skates/pads/wheels and want to sell the old ones? Want to let the new girls know they can borrow your sweaty old kneepads? This is the place.

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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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Kamikaze Kitten

Skate - Size 5 Reidell 965 boot (too big- about to mount up size 4.5 split last 595 boot)
Plate -130mm Roll Line Mistral plate with transparent blue cushions.
Toestops - Roll Line toestop
Knee Pads - Rector Fatboys (my Smith's scabs cracked)
Knee Gaskets - None
Elbow pads - Anarchy size M (too big)
Wristguards - SFR Small
Helmet - A variety depending on what day it is.
Main Wheels: Atom Jukes (alu hubs)
Other wheels: Atom Poisons for COLA worn on the front with Jukes on the back.

Now moved to size 4.5 split last 595 boot and couldn't be happier with it.
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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Skate - Size 7 Reidell 265 boot (too big)
Plate - Size 5 Dynapoop
Toestops - Sure Grip Gripper Black
Knee Pads - Smith Scabs S/M
Knee Gaskets - Smith Scabs
Elbow pads - 187 Fly Elbow Pads
Wristguards - TSG Small
Helmet - Nutcase S
Main Wheels - Heartless: White, Yellow, Green, Black
Other wheels -
Indoor: Radar Mojo Pink and just bought Juke Alloy Pink, Yellow & Purple
Outdoor: Kryptonics True (which I also use indoors at Cola when it's like ice)
Bearings - Bones Swiss 6

I am currently in the process of upgrading my skates so will put the new list up soon.
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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Auntie Terror

Skate: Bont Quad Racer (vegan) - size 4.5
Plate: Sure Grip Invader DA-45 size 0 - mounted Short/Forward (I love the S/F mount)
Wheels: Atom Dubz 93a and Atom Low Boys 95a - narrow
Bearings: Bones Reds
Knee Pads: Rector Fat Boys
Knee Gaskets: Anarchy
Elbow Pads: Pro Tec slim profile with butterfly closure
Wrist Guards: 187
Helmet: SFR
Exception: At Earl's Court I used Radar Evo 95a wheels with Qube 8-ball bearings and a Triple 8 Brain Saver helmet.

Skate: Riedell 265 white with black stripes - size 4.5
Plate: Dynapro Nylon with 10 degree trucks - standard mount
Wheels: Atom Pulse
Bearings: Bones Reds

Other wheels
Atom G-Rods standard width and Atom Poisons narrow width. I heart Atom Wheels.
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Jess Holland
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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skate: size 4 965
plate: reactor
wheels: atom jukes or poisons (both slim)
bearings: bones red
knee pads: 187s size S
elbow pads: 187s
helmet: nutcase
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Ylva Arnberg
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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I am in the process of breaking in new skates... Old skates have served me fine but wanted to try something new...

Old skates: Riedell 265 Vandal package (vinyl plate) size US 7
New boot: Riedell 595 narrow size US 7
New plates: Sure Grip XK-DA45 size 2 (shortish forward mount), blue cushions (softest)
Toe Stops: Gumballs
Knee pads: Smith Scabs
Gaskets: Smith Scabs & Gladiator (prefer gladiator as scabs fell apart first go)
Elbow pads: Smith Scabs
Wristguards: 187 Killer
Helmet: Triple 8 Brainsaver S/M, Protec S/M, Nutcase M
Main Wheels: Atom Dubz 93a, Atom Lowboys, Atom Poisons (all narrow)
Bearings: Bones Super Reds
Outdoor wheels: Purple Airwaves
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Re: What LRG Skates on:

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Lol! 2011 me ain’t got nothing on 2018 me.

Skate - Riedell Blue Streak customised (finger loop, set back eyelet)
Plate - Powerdyne Arius platinum, royal blue cushions
Toestops - Powerdyne Jupiter
Knee Pads - Deadbolt Apex
Elbow pads - 187 (standard)
Wristguards - 187 Derby
Helmet - S1
Wheels - Radar Prestos 91 or 88
Bearings - Kwik Ceramic
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