Thank you Baron!

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Poison Arrow
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Thank you Baron!

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For the awesome Youtube bout trailers!!! Super speedy as ever - can't wait to see the full versions for my ipod :)

LRG is so lucky to have you! :)
xx Poison Arrow xx

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Fox Sake
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Where are they? Links?
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bette noir
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Daisy Dioxin
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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I love the censoring of the streaker's bits !
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Erin No Bragh
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Yeah, fantastic stuff Baron!

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Raw Heidi
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Awesome stuff! Thanks
Raw Heidi.357
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Spooky von Strange
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Full bouts are being rendered today. Will keep you all posted. I suspect he may rope Liv in to help as there are two of them and he is super busy again.
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Char Char Gabore
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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thanks baron

thats awesome stuff

Duncan Disorderly
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Thanks Baron! :D
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Re: Thank you Baron!

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Re: Thank you Baron!

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I love Brand New by the Beastie Boys :D Made me very happy hearing that there!

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