The Positive

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Shaolynn Scarlett
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The Positive

Post by Shaolynn Scarlett »

Lovely bit of coverage in online and print mag The Positive ... t-britain/
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Ylva Arnberg
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Re: The Positive

Post by Ylva Arnberg »

Oh nice!
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Re: The Positive

Post by Gaz »

lt actually made me cry a little bit.
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little jon
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Re: The Positive

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Goregasm wrote:lt actually made me cry a little bit.

thats the cold air getting to you
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Olivia Coupe
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Re: The Positive

Post by Olivia Coupe »

Oh cool what a great article. My original quote abott being hooked from the start included me saying it was a massive cliche but i guess they didnt want to include that!
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Raw Heidi
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Re: The Positive

Post by Raw Heidi »

Lovely article, thanks Shaolynn
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