A Minute of Noise

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Helmet Newton
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A Minute of Noise

Post by Helmet Newton »

R.I.P. Alicia.

As best as I could do, which isn't very. Too many people moving, out of focus and didn't quite get 360 degrees.

Nevertheless, for Mama Mash Bash:

http://www.abstractedreality.org/Misc/t ... _Noise.jpg

NB: It will appear small in most browsers: Just click on it to see it in it 16,000 x 746 pix fullness! (5Mb)

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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by rikkterscale2011 »

Amazing, thank you !
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Helen Nash
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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by Helen Nash »

Wow, brilliant!
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Silky Briefs
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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by Silky Briefs »

Thanks so much for that - it makes me so happy/sad
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Slick E Toffee
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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by Slick E Toffee »

Thanks, Steve. It was really a great moment. The whole tribute to mama was very well done. I know we will do something bigger next time but I really thought what was done last night was just right and well carried out. Thanks for capturing the moment, Steve.
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Racey Slam Hard
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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by Racey Slam Hard »

This is awesome, thanks Steve!
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auntie terror
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Re: A Minute of Noise

Post by auntie terror »

Thank you so very much.
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