Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

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Duncan Disorderly
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Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

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Couldn't tag anyone in these pics, but they're too good not to bring to people's attention: ... 367&type=1
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Daisy Dioxin
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Re: Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

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Thanks Dunc
I was able to tag some of the pix after I liked his page
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Racey Slam Hard
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Re: Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

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Thanks Duncan, these are really good!
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Re: Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

Post by Brat »

A friend of mine is a photographer in Windsor and he just tweeted about his pics from Batter C vs RWRG.. Think it's the same one as referred to here. Some great pictures. ... wer-part-3
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Re: Batter C Power vs RWRG, HRG

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Nice to see that picture of me has caught Sin's doodle on the back of my shoulder :)
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